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Hi my lovelies!

In today's fast paced world and busy schedules, nobody has the time to go shopping. Gone are the days when we used to wait for vacations or weekends to schedule our shopping trips.

My Delhi girls would be nodding their heads, thinking of the popular shopping hubs like Sarojini market, Janpath, GK, Lajpat Nagar etc.
Street markets these days are deserted because everyone has decided to do some online shopping!
Even malls in that sense are not as crowded as they used to be at one point of time.

But hey! I'm not complaining! What else do you need if you can sit in the comfort of your house, wearing your pajamas/ shorts and whiling away hours searching for that perfect pair of shoes or that crop top you saw your favorite actress wearing on TV :P
Plus the added benefit of it being delivered (for free!) and the possibility to return the product if not happy with it!

I for one am a Shopaholic, especially when it comes to online shopping. I need help! Give me a website with clothes, makeup or anything pretty and I am hooked..

Today I will be sharing my review on one such website where I have been doing a lot of shopping lately. has a variety of products choose from and believe me, you will be spoilt for choice :D
From dresses, bags, shoes, accessories, even home & kitchen!

The user interface is quite funky and easy to navigate. You can like pictures or share them on social media  which I think is quite cool.

For my purchase I chose 2 neckpieces - 1 is a funky coin inspired gold piece with 3 layers and the other is a cute little neckpiece with lime-yellow stones.

You can buy such jewelry HERE.

Lime-colored stone necklace from

Lime-colored stone necklace from

Lime-colored stone necklace from

Gold coin necklace from

Gold coin necklace from

Gold coin necklace from

Gold coin necklace from

For my readers who prefer shopping through mobile apps, even has a mobile app! Click HERE to know more.

I hope you enjoyed these goodies! I can't wait to wear them now :D

Oh by the way it's Friday people! What plans for the weekend? I plan to just chill in this sweltering heat :/

Lemme know what you think of my shopping and your plans for the weekend by commenting below!


P.S. This is a sponsored post but the opinions expressed are solely mine.


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