Tricolor Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Hi everyone!

After a long time of being MIA, I am finally back.
I wanted to take this break as there were just too many things happening in my personal life which demanded time and attention and sadly, I had to neglect the blog.
This time away gave me the opportunity to reflect on many things, learn more about myself and explore my strengths and capabilities.
So here I am, stronger as ever :)

Anyways! Enough with the serious talks! Today I have for you a very simple but great looking tricolor inspired makeup tutorial!
I did this for Republic Day (January 26) and if you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my posts on this look.
For those of you who are not yet following me on Instagram, do it now! :P

This look is very subtle and can be worn even on a daily basis, customized to your color preferences :)

I have included a step by step picture tutorial to make it easier to understand. 

PS: Sorry for the color difference in some pictures, the lighting kept changing due to the sun! :(

Step 1: Prime your lids with an eye primer to help make the shadows stick to the eye better and stay for longer. This is specially important for girls with oily lids like mine.

*I applied a tape to the corner of my eye to keep the makeup neat and ensure the shadows don't spread to the rest of the area. 

Step 2: Apply a blue eye shadow to the outer lid.

Step 3: Apply a white eye shadow to the inner lid and blend in with the blue using a blending brush.

Step 4: Use a brown eye shadow over the crease to blend with the white and blue eye shadows and blend with a blending brush. This helps in creating a smooth transition from brown to blue making the whole look more neat and avoids any harsh lines.

Step 5: Using a green eye pencil, line your lower eyelid.

Step 6: Using a black eye shadow darken the outer corner of the lower eyelid to create a gradient effect.

Step 7: Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and complete the look by lining your eyes and pplying mascara.

I paired this look with coral lips for the 'saffron' effect. Again, since I wanted to keep the look subtle I used a very light shade on the lips. You can use darker or lighter shades per your preference.

Tricolor Inspired Makeup

Products Used for the Face:

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
2. NYX Concealer Wand
3. Deborah Milano Hi-Tech Blush 24
4. MAC Vegas Volt
5. NYX Blush 'Cocoa' for contouring

Tricolor Inspired Makeup

Hope you liked this look! Do let me know what you think by commenting below!



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