Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3 : Review, Swatch, FOTD

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD
Hello beauties! 

How has the weekend been so far for you? For me this has been a super unproductive and lazy one..the weather is becoming warmer and I am becoming lazier..feel like doing nothing besides sleeping!
To activate myself a little, I decided to do my favorite thing; play dress-up! :D

Whenever I feel low or bored, I like to pep myself up by applying my favorite lipstick or doing some eye makeup. You might raise your eyebrows and be like **woah..carrraaazy!** (Amy's style in Big Bang Theory) but it actually works. Try it ;)

So today I tried my latest favorite: The Maybelline Lip Polish in the shade Glam 3.

Read on to know what I think about this!

PRICE: Rs. 450
Quantity: 5 ML


For glossy, plump lips, choose Maybelline's Lip Polish by Color Sensational.

Featuring glossy, vivid colors that also have a moisturizing effect, this lip polish makes your lips look fuller and more luscious. Dress your lips in a shade you love and watch heads turn!

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Has pure, saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color
  • Acts as a moisturizing liquid conditioning balm
  • Gives a soft cushiony feel to the lips
  • Features a built-in glossy top-coat that makes lips look fuller
  • Comes with a specially designed leaf-shaped applicator for quick, precise application.


It may come as a surprise to many but I prefer lipsticks over lip glosses. Why? 
1. Well firstly the staying power is more in terms of lipsticks.
2. I like semi-full coverage that lipsticks offer more than the sheer coverage of glosses.
3. I can always turn my lipstick into a gloss by applying clear gloss over the lippie!

But is this case, I loved the shade 'Glam 3' so much that it made me realize that I haven't bought a lip gloss in quite some time now! And that is how I got home my latest favorite!

The Maybelline Lip Polish in the shade 'Glam 3' is a gorgeous coral shade. It is glossy but has no shimmer, which I LOVE as I am not a fan of shimmery glosses. I have full lips and a shimmery gloss only makes them look fuller which I don't like.

The texture is smooth, thicker than normal lip glosses and non-sticky, which again is a thumbs-up for this product. I hate glosses which are sticky and tacky! It is thicker than a normal lip gloss, almost a slightly runny version of a lip balm making this perfect for all seasons! It doesn't bleed like other glosses, which gives it 5 stars from me, because now I am saves from the bother of constantly wiping the corners of my mouth so that I don't look like a vampire!

It stays on my lips for around 2 hours and leaves a light stain. Transfers easily so if you have something to eat or drink,you will need a touch-up.

The Lip Polishes have a leaf-shaped wand to apply the color with. The doe foot applicator gives more control in my opinion than a brush. Moreover, the size of the applicator is perfect - not so large that it is half outside my lip area and not so small that I have to go 2-3 times over a particular area to get full, even coverage.

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD

Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3: Review, Swatch, FOTD


1. Gorgeous color
2. Non-sticky
3. No shimmer (might be a con for some)
4. Decent wear time
5. Available in a variety of shades


1. Doe-foot applicator might not be liked by all

Definitely. The Maybelline Lip Polish range has some beautiful colors to choose from, which will suit all skin tones. The shade 'Glam 3' is a gorgeous coral which is perfect for the coming summers and the smooth, non-sticky texture makes them a dream to use! Must try!



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