The Dutch Braid: Hair Tutorial

Hello beauties!!
Today I have got for you a very easy tutorial on how to create a dutch braid. I style my hair like this many times, moving around the braid to the left, right or center of my head.

I find it to be one of the easiest and prettiest looking styles, especially when your hair are dirty and you don't have time to wash them ;)

I have included the steps in this easy to understand pictorial:

Step 1: Take a section of hair, around 3-4 inches wide (you can take a bigger or smaller section depending on how heavy your hair are).
Step 2: Divide the hair into 3 equal sections.
Step 3: Take the first section and put it under the middle section. Take the third section and put it under the section of hair in the middle now (if that makes sense!). Note that in a normal braid, you would put the first section of hair on top of the middle section and so on. The dutch braid is the reverse of a normal braid.
Step 4: Keep adding sections of hair to the braid as you go down.
Step 5: Tie the end of the braid with an elastic band, to ensure the braid remains intact and does not open.
Step 6: Using a bobby pin, take the braid and pin it back into the hair.
Step 7: You can either leave the remaining hair as is, or make a messy bun/ ponytail/ braid with the remaining hair (use your imagination!)

The final result will look something like this:

I will be sharing many more such hairstyles and tips with you in the coming weeks!
In the meantime, do let me know if you try this and let me know how it goes!

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