Birthday Outfits!

Hello Beauties!

Yesterday was my birthday, and as I said in my previous post, I wasn't feeling that excited about it the night before. But when I woke up in the morning, the feeling kicked in and I was back to my chirpy, loud self :D

I had a great day and was out for lunch as well as dinner with family and friends! 

I had a delicious Indian meal for lunch, followed by a fabulous Italian meal for dinner!
Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I forgot to click pictures of the food! :(

We are perpetually late wherever we go, no matter how hard we try to be on time..sigh! So as expected, we were scampering to get our stuff together and reach on time before the restaurant closes.
Between all the chaos and hyperness however, I did manage to click a few pictures of myself to show you guys, though it led to Mr.Husband getting annoyed *will you please stop taking selfies! We are running late already!!* haha!

I am sorry for the average quality of the pictures but I could not do better than this with him glaring at me and giving me dirty looks while we try and leave!

For lunch I paired a coral-pink blazer with a white blouse and black skinny trousers. I kept the makeup simple with a peachy-pink eye and coral lips with a hint of blush.

For the night, I wanted a more glam look, so I paired a black blazer with a black lace top and blue-black cropped trousers. I wore my favorite pair of shoes with it and a clutch.
I accessorized with a watch and my new gift from hubby dearest ;)

The makeup was more glam - a smokey eye paired with a burnt orange-rust lipstick from YSL (Review coming up soon!). The face was clean with a hint of blush.

Day Look - Eyes


Night Look - Eyes

Night FOTD

Da Milano Heels

Let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial on the 2 looks!



Thanks for your Comments! :)


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