Christmas Special: FOTD

Merry Christmas to all my beauties!! Ho Ho Ho! :D

So what are your plans for today? Shopping, eating out, family reunions? 

I for one love to go out on Christmas day (or night). Today was an evening out with hubby. For people who live in Delhi or know about Delhi malls, Select City Mall in Saket is one of my favorite destinations to hang out at. The food, the shopping, the food.. (I just said food twice I know!)
I love the way all malls are decorated at this time, with trees, lights, toys and what not! Just gives a very joyous vibe to the whole place.. :)

Since I believe that I was a very good girl this year *wink* I decided to gift myself a little something :D I have wanted a nice candy pink lipstick and have been looking for the perfect one for a long time. So I casually entered the Bobbi Brown store and started checking out the lipstick shades. And there it was! The PERFECT pink lipstick!! I did not waste a second in asking the SA for a fresh piece and ran to the checkout counter.
It is the perfect shade of pink, matte but not drying, creamy but doesn't bleed. In short..PERFECT.

Can't wait to review it on the blog now!!

Until then, here is a quick snap from today. Let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial on this. Sorry if the lighting isn't good! I paired a smokey grey eye with bright pink lips, a pink blush and highlighter. My hair were a day old and my curls had become messy, so I made a high bun using my favorite styling tool - the hair donut! 

Until Next Time!



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