The Awakening of the Bridezilla!

With only a few weeks for the wedding now, I would have less and less time to do posts for the blog. So I thought I would also start posting about the wedding preparations and drama that usually surrounds a wedding!

I keep shifting between getting excited and freaked out! From more than a year to just a few weeks, time has really flown! I'm getting the jitters already..Poor fiance starts sweating even in this chill whenever we talk about the wedding :D

So like a typical bride-to-be (bridezilla would be more apt), I have been going crazy with googling everything bridal.
If I am not working, I am doing my research..and I know my mom is pretty bugged with that. She says I am exposing myself too much to everything and will lose the charm.. agree? disagree? I'm not sure..
I would rather be over-exposed than have last minute disasters and then keep cribbing about it for the rest of my life..I am quite finicky when it comes to things which are important for me..especially related to the wedding! I mean come on..we only get married once.. (reminds me of SRK's dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.."hum jeete ek baar hain, marte ek baar hain..shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai" bla bla! (Cheesy I know!)

So yes, from bridal makeup, to dresses, hairstyles, mehendi designs, pictures folder is full of wedding related pics and I love to keep staring at them.. (mom thinks I have completely lost it..well so does my makeup artist and everyone else)

These days I am more focused on the bridal makeup because I am not much of a makeup user except lip balm and kajal or normal days..I HATE the cakey look that brides usually have..and I would rather look under-done than over-done. I'm sure Mr.Fiance, who would already be palpitating on D Day, would run away if he saw me with 5 layers of foundation, eyes covered in red eye shadow(which I don't know why the makeup artists love!) and my big full lips covered in red color. Even I would be freaked out if a Dracula-like person started walking towards me!

So for the 100th time the makeup artist has been called and warned to not make me look like a ghost, to the extent that now she does not even hesitate to sigh in frustration over the phone, loud enough for me to hear! Hmph! I am still unsure about my jewellery for the wedding day because I the parlor woman said she would give me a matching set but I have a strong dislike for those sets with multicolored stones and all which look fake.

I am in search for the perfect Kundan set (rental) because I already have my other heavy sets and buying a new one just for the wedding day..I'm not sure..But since the parlor woman is in Jaipur and I cannot keep going there, I am forced to hope that I will get the right set :(

Any suggestions for good rental jewellery places in Jaipur? Or would it be better to buy my own (maybe from Sia/ bg's etc?
Are any of you getting married soon? Or does the thought of it make you want to run away? ;) 
I would love to know!!

Until next time, stay gorgeous!



  1. awww i have no experience in this department so no tips from me! but yes i feel when i will be in that situation, i would definitely be as panicky as u r being, coz i get really scared thinking of prospective disasters even in normal stuff! and i would also like to know every detail beforehand but also, wouldnt want to miss out on the fun coz as u said it will only come once :) so ill just say have the best time of ur life :) all the best sweetheart :):*

    1. aww thanks Poorva!! :) know doing all this research is also part of the fun for me..if I have everything done for me already, I won't get that feel!

  2. Di, you HAVE to come check out this artificial jewelry store in Bhopal, they have lovely stuff. You might just get lucky here. ^.^

  3. Hey, just stumbled across your blog and have become ur newest ur style of writing.
    Personally, i would advise you to buy your own set from Sia or similar kind of set...afterall, its the most important day of ur life...wouldnt u want to treasure everything u wore on that day? Just my thoughts.....
    Best of luck :)

    1. Hi Dollie! Thank you for your sweet comment..well guess what..I did end up buying my own set!! :D just saw it and knew it was made for me..thank you for the suggestion!
      Following you back :)

  4. So much anticipation around the wedding !! All the good luck to you !

    Following you now ! Come visit our blog sometime.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

    1. hey! Thanks for your comment..following you back..loved your blog :)


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