Recent Haul: My Favorite FACES Lipsticks!

I am a shopaholic and I am not afraid to say it! But I am certainly worried about my diminishing bank balance :S

But a girl has to do what she has to do! What is the point of being a girl if you can't splurge on makeup and clothes! :D
I have started preparing for the winter season by buying a few more clothes (I never have would understand!) and a few more lipsticks. Until recently I was more of a lip gloss girl than lipstick..But once I tried them, I was hooked. Though many may disagree, I think lipsticks are better in terms of color pay-off as well as staying power. I tend to chew on my lips a within 30 minutes my gloss is gone! Lipsticks tend to stay a little longer so that automatically gives them more points!
What about you? Are you a lipstick or lip gloss girl?

One of my favorite brands when it comes to affordable makeup is FACES Cosmetics.
It's lipsticks have great pigmentation, are smooth and easy to apply and don't dry the lips which is one of my biggest concerns with many lippies!
Most of these lipsticks have decent staying power (3-4 hours) and the brand has a huge variety of colors to choose from!

I know these lipsticks are already a rage in the makeup blogging world, but since I am still very new to all this, I am going to be writing about my experience with them.

My Take On the Product

I purchased 3 shades from the brand's lipstick range: Candyfloss, Flamboyant Fuchsia and Express Mauve.
The first two are a permanent feature in my makeup kit which Express Mauve is something I accidentally purchased and fell in love with!
The lipsticks have a sweet, caramel-y taste which is YUM! The texture is smooth and easy to apply.

Candyfloss is an adorable baby pink color with slight shimmer which gives the lips a healthy, pink tinge. It is my MLBB (My Lips But Better) color. The color needs to be built and requires 3 swipes on my lips to really show. It is the best color for office wear, or when you don't want to keep your lips bare but just want a slight tint of color!

Flamboyant Fuchsia, like it's name, is a hot pink shade with blue undertones. It is the color I reach out for when I want to give my lips that looks oh-so-sexy, pouty look! I wear it with a black eye-liner and I am good to go! The best thing is that it does not wash me out and gives my face a fresh glow!

Express Mauve is a gorgeous, deep plum color. According to makeup gurus, dark shades are going to be very in this winter, on nails as well as lips. I am more of a glossy pink kind of girl when it comes to lips, but am experimenting with this shade this season!
I am still not very comfortable wearing this shade just like that, so I top it with clear gloss. It gives my lips a more glossy, wearable look which I am totally loving!

Quantity: 4.5 gms
Price: Rs.199

FACES Lipsticks: Candyfloss, Flamboyant Fuchsia and Express Mauve

FACES Lipsticks: Candyfloss, Flamboyant Fuchsia and Express Mauve

FACES Lipsticks: Candyfloss, Flamboyant Fuchsia and Express Mauve

FACES Lipsticks: Candyfloss, Flamboyant Fuchsia and Express Mauve

Have you tried these lippies? Do you like them? Lemme know! :)

Until next time, stay gorgeous!



  1. Candyfloss...!!!
    my fav too..
    It instantly brightens up the face..
    ❤I Diva❤

    1. Hey! yeah I's my everyday wear lipstick!

  2. candyfloss is a lovely shade!!

  3. Gorgeous colours, love the mauve colour actually, so nice x

    1. Thanks hun! Have you got the chance to try these?


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