Diwali Blast!

Hello all you lovely people! Hope you had a lot of fun on Diwali! I definitely did..being my last Diwali in my maternal home, I wanted to make sure I have as many memories as possible.. :)

Diwali is my favorite festival, as would be for many others and I love to make it grand! Lots of decorations, candles, rangoli! I love to dress up too and this time I wore a sari..
It was simple yet bright and I love it! Though many people find saris to be uncomfortable, I personally find them to very comfortable, even more than suits!

We did puja in the evening and burst a few crackers (I know I know I shouldn't..but it was just a few sky shots and 4 anaars..*innocent face*)
 Diwali was also an excuse to gorge on those delicious mouth-watering sweets! Though I controlled myself a lot but still managed to finish quite a lot of the sweets in the house, especially gulab jamun and besan laddoos! *yummm*

I look washed out in this picture because this was taken in the evening after I finally finished the rangoli besides greeting guests and several other things happening simultaneously!

My makeup on Diwali was basic, the way I usually keep it.

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
2. Faces Canada Go Chic Lipstick Flamboyant Fuchsia topped with transparent gloss.
3. Lakme Nine to Five Intense Shine Eyeliner (Black)
4. Lakme Cheek Artist Kiss of A Rose

Sorry I don't have a close-up of the face..completely skipped my mind! :(

Here are a few more pics which I did manage to click. Enjoy!

How was your Diwali? What did you do?? I would love to know :)

Until next time, stay gorgeous!



  1. Wow...love the decorations..n ur looking very pretty in the pink saree... :)

    I had an amazing diwali too...ate lots n lots of sweets...will have to exercise alot now... :P

    1. thank you Neha! :) I know same here..just the thought of exercise makes me feel like going back to sleep ;)

  2. Ur looking so pretty :) amd lovely pics :)

    1. thanks Poorva! Hope you had a great time on Diwali! :)

  3. Pretty.. Pretty.. Pretty...
    Cute squared infinite times..
    you are soo sweet avantika..
    ❤I Diva❤

  4. hi...thanks for ur comment and follow...will follow u back.
    love d pictures on this post. pink really suits u and ur lovely smile has only added further to the festive look...

    dis tym i opted for flower rangoli...it was as tym consuming as the colour one though..but was fun..
    happy blogging...:)

    1. Hey! Thank you so much! :) oh I love flower rangolis..besides adding beauty it makes the whole house fragrant!

  5. Lovely Rangoli and all the pictures Avantika.:)
    and you are looking so pretty in that pink sari..:)

  6. Wonderful...such a beautiful tradition!! You look gorgeous x

  7. I like your blog so much! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  8. love your outfit
    and this post is very interessting, so interessting to get to know a new culture

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  9. Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Great idea to follow each other, we already doing it.
    Hope you do the same. :)

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet


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