Nail Polish Haul!!

Hi Everyone!

Recently I came across 3 new websites and wanted to try them out.

These were:

All 3 websites offer a variety of personal care products and have great offers and discounts!

I had used up some of my favorite nail polishes and wanted to buy them again.
Now, the lazy bum that I am, I did not want to go to the market and hunt for these, since these colors are a little difficult to find!
So, I decided to try these sites out!

My purchases included:

1. Konad Nail Stamping Kit (Stamper + Scraper)
2. Konad Nail Stamping Plate (m2)
3. Revlon Streetwear Nail Enamel
4. Revlon Nail Enamel Blue Lagoon
5. Revlon Nail Enamel Sunshine Sparkle

I bought the Konad Stamping kit and plate as well as Revlon Blue Lagoon from, Revlon Sunshine Sparkle from since it was not available on the other 2 sites and the Streetwear Nailpaints from

I must say that all the 3 sites are awesome! The look of the sites is clean, the checkout process was fast and simple and my goodies reached me within 3-4 days!
Moreover, they were neatly packed in cute little boxes and my fragile polishes were packed in bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

Overall, a great experience!
I can't wait to try these out and show you the pictures!

My mini-haul packages :)

Revlon Streetwear Nail Enamel Barely Nude and Blue Bell

Revlon Nail Enamel Blue Lagoon

Revlon Nail Enamel Sunshine Sparkle

Konad Stamping Plate m2 and Konad Stamping Kit

Note: All reviews and opinions are my own and the products were purchased with my own hard-earned money.


  1. Lovely colors! Especially Sunshine Sparkle and Blue Lagoon! <3

    1. Ya Neha! They're both so pretty..I love these pastels..They are not OTT and look adorable on the hands!

  2. I have the same stamping plate! I love the puppy on it :D great haul!

    1. haha yes I liked the designs on this..for starters it looks easy to manage.. :)

  3. Im loving the blue n sunshine revlon ones so pretty :-)
    I also have the barely nude one i love it:-)

    1. Hey Poorva! Thanks for your comment! Yes I love these 2 NOTD post coming up! ;) I do have the google friend connection is on the right side..lemme know if its not visible! :)

  4. Hey you hvnt got the google friend connect icon ? Get it n ill follow u:-)

  5. Sorry somehow didn't see it. Followed ,s:-)


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