Little Miss Sunshine!! :)

Hello all you beautiful people!

It is a beautiful Sunday today and I am enjoying it by lazying around and doing NOTHING :D well, almost!

I was so excited to try out the nail paints from my recent haul and looking at the weather outside today, I thought it would be a good idea to do my nails in this adorable lemon shade from Revlon called 'Sunshine Sparkle'.

Now, I am not a big fan of yellow when it comes to make-up. Sure, I like it in my clothes at times..but I am more of a blue/pink/black/white kind of girl.

But when I came across this cutie, I couldn't resist picking it up! Usually yellow nails reminds me of smokers' nails (eeks!) but this one looks so cute and girly that you just feel like wearing a nice floral dress with it and go have a picnic lunch in the park :D

True to its name, it has these sparkly microglitters which don't show indoors but give the nails a dewy bright look out in the sun! It is a true perk me up color which every girl should definitely try!
Priced at Rs.140, it is worth the money!

The only con I would say is that it is a bit runny. When you apply 1 coat, it looks all streaky and weird. But after the 2nd coat it starts looking better and starts showing its beauty by the 3rd coat.

I had to use 3 big coats for the shots below:

I also added a few peach flowers to the mani to give it another dimension. Unfortunately I am very new to stamping so it did not come out that well and I messed it up a little :( But still I guess not bad for starters! :)

Konad Nail Stamping Plate m2

What are you doing today? Are you spending it like me at home in your pajamas or going out? 

Until next time,



  1. Beautiful color... suits your pretty hands

  2. Amazing print!!!!!!!
    we follow each other???

  3. Pretty shade and Nice blog.
    Following your blog.
    Checkout mine.

  4. So pretty :-) ive never tried yellow nail paint now i will try this one definitely :-)
    N the flowers look so pretty. The colour combination is super :-) even ill buy this plate. Ive never tried my hand at stamping n all :-P ur motivating me a lot :-)

    1. I am glad to know that! This is my first experience with nail art as well and it has really motivated me to try it more! :D Do check it out..would love to see how it looks on u!

  5. adorable.. your blogs are really good avantika. liked it ..Good job..


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