GlitterArty's First Blog Award!

Hello my lovelies!!

How's it going today? It is a holiday in India on the occasion of Dussehra or Vijayadashami as many people call it. Check this Wikipedia link for more information  (

I am spending this day relaxing, checking out some new products and eating yummy food! And my day just got better because Poorva from the blog All Things Beautiful awarded me my first ever blog award! *yayyy I am so excited!*  Poorva is a sassy, stylish blogger who has given some great reviews and I really like her blog!

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers. Liebster in German means 'favorite' so that means my blog is being liked! Thank you SO much my lovely followers..I am really touched and will try my best to keep giving you interesting and helpful reviews, news and views! :) I am so happy to know that my work is being appreciated and liked by all! It is very encouraging.. *I feel like an actress receiving her debut award :D *

The rules of this award are that I need to answer 10 questions about myself and pass on this award to 10 other deserving bloggers!

So here goes..10 things to know about me:

1. Purpose in life 
Be happy in whatever I do. Simple and true.

2. Things that make me happy 
Being with people I love, being alone with myself (sometimes it is very important to spend time with yourself), eating good food, cooking and my newly found passion - blogging! :)

3. When and why I started blogging
I started blogging this month itself. My 1st post was on October 12 and since then I have received so much love from the blogging community that it is very encouraging and heart warming. A BIG THANK YOU to all! I started blogging because I was spending so much time going through other blogs and looking at reviews that one day I just thought hey I can do this too! I would love to help people in making the right decisions by giving them honest feedback about products, things of importance, discussing trends, tips & tricks and generally reaching out to the world and getting to know lovely people like you! :)
Plus it is a great outlet for my creativity and so far, I am loving it :)

4. Favorite pastime
Besides blogging, I love to cook. It's very therapeutic and I feel happy trying out new dishes and feeding them to my loved ones.

5. My addictions
Shopping! Since the time that e-commerce has become so popular, my bank balance has started diminishing at a frightening speed! Everyday I think - today I will NOT SHOP! But then this cute little top or pair of shoes or a great offer on makeup comes up and I just cannot resist :(

6. One thing I would like to change in myself
My impatience. I am very impatient at times and that at times can lead to a big mess in already tricky situations!

7. Money or Love? 
Love. Money will come and go but if love isn't there, you are living an empty life.
PS: Love doesn't have to be with your husband/ bf only. You can love your family, your pets, friends, anything! It is the feeling that matters more than the recipient.

8. Birthday and Sunsign
March 4, Pisces

9. My best feature according to me
My eyes. They speak a thousand words, if someone really cares to listen.

10. A secret about me
I talk to myself a lot. I also end up imagining different situations and then acting them out in my head. Crazy I know! It's a Pisces trait..Dreamy and imaginative ;) 

I would also like to dedicate this award to the following awesome bloggers!

1. Poorva from the blog All Things Beautiful  (not as a return gift but I genuinely like your blog!) 
2. Ruhie from the blog The Sweet Life  
3. Gabriele from the blog Totally Vogue
4. Anupama from the blog Get Beautilicious
5. Kei from Osmium In Love
6. Shivani from Beautilicious Baubles
7. Apoorva from I Diva
8. Samannita Modak from the blog Beauty Freaks Blog Together

Thanks once again and have a lovely day!! 



  1. hey Avantika,

    Thank u soooooooooo much for the award!!! I am super duper happy and excited as this is my first award n more than that, i am glad to know that you liked my blog n thot it to be worthy of an award:):)

    Its really an inspiration to go on:)

    Thankssss once again:)

    1. Hey Shivani! I feel happier to see you feel so good :) Keep shining and hope you win many more!

  2. Wow.. Avantika.. Already famous.. :):)
    Congrats on your first award babe.. i wish u get more and more :D :D
    Thanks for the tag..!! after my blog name change, this is the first award.
    its special.

    1. It's all because of the support and love of people like you Apoorva..I am very honoured :)
      I know you got this award earlier as well..but this is my way of saying a big 'thank you' to you for your support and encouragement. Shine on! <3

    2. i have written the post and mentioned your name too <3
      keep rocking lady :)

  3. Congratulations on the award!:) You deserve it, hun!
    Oh and THANK YOU so much for awarding it to me.. ;)
    I got this award a couple of days ago, and made a post on it on sunday I think so you can check it out if you want?
    But thanks so much, and best of luck for you and your blog.


    1. Hey Gabriele! Thank you so much <3 Yes I had seen that..but still I wanted to thank everyone for their love and support and what better way than this! :)

  4. Congrats dear!!!! You totally deserve it sugarpie...
    and Thank you Thank you so much!!!!It means so much love...You juz made my day,feeling up up up :D
    Loads of Love

    1. More than happy to have given it to you hun! I'm glad to see that it made you so happy! You deserve it :)

  5. thank you avantika for your awards.
    I am gracefully accepting your awards and thanks for these lovely awards dear !

  6. here is the link that i accept your award :)

  7. Congrats pretty lady! You're doing such a wonderful job and I thank you kindly for this award!!! I'm impatient too and I love your reasons for starting your blog!!!


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