Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Twilight Sparkle Review

"Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high
Like a Diamond in the sky!"

This is what I remember when I look at this Glimmersticks Diamonds eye pencil from Avon! It is so glimmery and sparkly and pretty! :D

I have this in 2 shades, Black Ice which is a deep black eye pencil with shimmer particles and the other is Twilight Sparkle.

Today I will be reviewing the Glimmersticks Diamonds pencil in the shade Twilight Sparkle.

Quantity: 0.28 grams
Price: Rs.249

What Avon says about this product

-Define eyes with a bold and glamorous look with an unexpected glisten of sparkle!
-Sparkle pearls add shine and dimension by catching light for a fun, flirty look
-Long wearing, smudge-proof shades glide on smoothly.

My take on the product

It is a gorgeous color which has a black base and blue shimmer particles in it. However, the shimmer is not gaudy, so it can be easily worn during the day as well as night. I even wear it to office on days when I am feeling lazy and plain and need to give my look a little 'sparkle'! :)
It is easy to apply and maintain because of its retractable pencil. So no more hassle of sharpening and wasting my precious pencil!

On applying this, the eyes suddenly start shining and it gives the eyes the sparkle that they need. So girls, get ready to have those cute guys get lost in your deep, 'glimmery' eyes ;)

It also stays true to Avon's claim of being smudge proof. I wore it to work and it stayed on me the whole day. Even my oily lids couldn't stop this baby from smudging!
I swatched it on my hand and rubbed really hard to show you just how smudge proof it is. My hand turned red but the pencil is still alive. Look for yourself!

Other shades available in India:
-Black Ice (black)
-Smoky Diamond (grey)
-Emerald Glow (green)

1. Gorgeous color! It is not a typical blue. It is a deep, night blue.
2. Staying power. Stays on me for a good 6 hours.
3. The shimmer makes it much more interesting than other regular eye pencils.
4. Affordable

1. Extra soft. Make sure you do not roll out more than half a centimeter of the pencil else it might just break!
2. The shimmer lingers around the eyes for sometime even after I have cleaned it with a makeup remover. But don't really think that's a big deal as it's not that visible.
3. I want more shades in this!

1 swipe of Twilight Sparkle(L) and Black Ice(R) 

Twilight Sparkle (L) and Black Ice (R)

Rubbed hard. Color still intact.

Rubbed it really hard. You see how my skin turned red?

See the shimmer particles around my eyes? That's what happens after using this pencil. But it's hardly visible, so I don't mind!

Final Recommendation: A must-have in your makeup collection! Go check it out girls! 

What do you think? Please leave your comments below! :)

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  1. Nice review and nice blog...following you....

  2. Hello dear!
    This glitter eyeliner looks so pretty! perfect to bring out your eyes!
    Also, thank you for the liebster award :)


  3. heyy.. i have seen them.. but didnt buy as i like matte finish wala pencils.. :) and super review..
    u have beautiful eyes :)

    1. Thank you sweetheart! :) You should definitely try them atleast once..I am sure you'll look gorgeous! :)

  4. Nice blog Avantika. I have black ice and thats a fantastic color.:)
    Following you too!!!


  5. I had this one in black and well...I think I liked it at the moment but I never bought a new one again. :)

    Lovely blog, I just followed you and please feel free to check out mine and follow me back if you like it. :)
    Thank you so much,


  6. Hi my sweatheart,

    Very inspiring post!

    Gladly (already) following you back :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

    Many many kisses,



  7. Hey Avantika, nice post:D I am gonna try them...
    BTW, here is your sec liebster award:D
    and you totallllyyyy deserve it:D
    Keep Rocking!

  8. Those eyeliners are amazing. I just might need to order some.


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