Another Day, Another Haul! :D

Hello my beauties!

We have almost reached mid-week! *yay* given how depressed I was when this week began, I am mighty happy with the way it is progressing! *knock on wood* Especially since this week has only 3 working days thanks to our Indian festivals Dussehra and Id! :)

There was one very disturbing incident which took place today. I was talking to a colleague of mine who is based in UK and is of Indian origin. We were talking about some work-related stuff and then from somewhere we started talking about the festivals in India (being girls both of us, I am not at all surprised :P)
So anyways, she asked me what the relevance of Dussehra is and why is it celebrated. For a minute I was like *what?? You're and Indian and you don't know what Dussehra is?!* I mean come on..

How many of you know the relevance of all the festivals that we celebrate? Or is it just any other day except that you get an excuse to sleep till late and laze around the whole day? Do leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Now, coming back to the topic, I will not bore you with this lecture anymore and will show you snaps of my latest haul! *eeeee I am so excited and at the same time worried that I am officially ill* My fiance thinks he might have to get me to rehab soon because of my shopping addiction..hmph!  :|

Some of the things here are repurchases (because I love them) and some things I am trying for the 1st time. Reviews coming up really soon! :D

List of Items (from left to right):

1. Konad special nail polish - Silver (new)
2. Lotus Herbals Maxlash Waterproof and Volumising Mascara (repurchase)
3. OPI Nail Lacquer 'French Quarter for Your Thoughts' (new)
4. Maybelline Colorama Nail Color 'Astral' (repurchase)
5. Konad Stamping Plates m57 and m83 (new)
6. Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick - Almond Coffee 003 (repurchase)
7. Lotus Herbals Nail Enamel 'Plum Delight' (new)

I wanted to get the OPI Nail Polish since ages. I had to go through sooo many swatches to finalize this one because it is the PERFECT taupe-grey! And the trend for this fall/winter is nails painted in shades of grey/ red/ wine/ maroon and purple and Lotus Herbals Nail Enamel Plum Delight will be perfect for it! Given my current nail art addiction I just had to buy the plates because I love the designs on cute and wearable!

Reviews coming up soon!! Stay tuned! :)

Until next time!



  1. loved the haul :-D i have Astral too n love it :)

  2. hey ive given u an award :)

    1. Hey! Glad you liked the haul and thank you so much for the award! Means a lot :)

  3. Nice haul.. u have a very pretty blog..! Ya.. Nowadays most of the ppl say they dont know abt a festival's relevance. And they dont even feel bad abt it..!

    1. Hey thank you so much! :) exactly..I think intent is more important..people don't even want to make the effort to update their knowledge if they don't know something..very unfortunate..


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